Meet Our Team

Rick West portrait

Rick West

VP Sales and Marketing / Partner

Kevin Snyder portrait

Kevin Snyder

COO / Partner

Andrew Pragel portrait

Andrew Pragel

Vice President of Lighting

Jonathan King portrait

Jonathan King

Vice President of Operations

Kenny Weston portrait

Kenny Weston

VP, Business Development and Marketing

Stacie Brach-Collier portrait

Stacie Brach-Collier

VP, Multifamily Sustainability

Julie West portrait

Julie West

Director of Internal Operations at Commercial Green Solutions

Mike Collier portrait

Mike Collier

Vice President of Water Sustainability

Moni Rogers portrait

Moni Rogers

Senior Project Manager

Kate West portrait

Kate West

National Project Director

Cameron Comstock portrait

Cameron Comstock

Director of New Construction Switchgear and Lighting

Kristin Dawson-West portrait

Kristin Dawson-West

Director of Special Projects

Ricky West portrait

Ricky West

National Account Manager

Aaron Brochetti portrait

Aaron Brochetti

Director of HVAC and Mechanical Sustainability

Don Meredith portrait

Don Meredith

National Account Manager at CGS

Zack Simpson portrait

Zack Simpson

Retrofit Sales Manager

Kyle Rogers portrait

Kyle Rogers

National Account Manager

Rusty Gramiak portrait

Rusty Gramiak

Director of Energy Efficiency