Water Efficiency

Commercial Green Solutions is fighting to help its clients/partners reduce water/sewer consumption as much as possible. We have found this to be a major 'pain-point' in utility costs, and one that often gets overlooked compared to increases in Electricity and Natural Gas.

Why Efficient Water Adds Value

Increase Cashflow

We have worked with industry leaders to save over $120m in water utility expenses.

Immediate Savings

See immediate savings on your utility bills. Our water efficiency solutions will make an immediate difference to your bottom line.

Water Safety

Equip your property with aerators, shower heads, and efficient toilets to prevent damaging leaks and contaminated water.

CGS is committed to helping customers save

Promoting sustainable practices in every day use of water (linen re-use programs, posted educational pieces regarding having showers/sinks run when not necessary, smarter irrigation practices, as examples)

Application of smart technologies monitoring potential water loss both on hardware (sinks/toilets) and on the meters for the overall water usage

Implementation of reduced gallons per flush toilets, reduced gallons per minute showerheads, and reduced gallons per minute aerators

Our Water Experts

Mike Collier stands at the forefront of water sustainability initiatives as the Vice President of Water Sustainability at Commercial Green Solutions. With an impressive 25-year tenure in the field, Mike has dedicated his career to helping clients significantly reduce water usage and waste.
"Sometimes, there's a man, well, he's the man for his time and place. He fits right in there. And that's the Dude." - The Big Lebowski... This also describes Rick's role with Commercial Green Solutions. Rick serves as CGS Partner, VP of Sales - and "The Dude"

Utility prices have doubled over the past 8 years.

Water scarcity in the United States is an increasing problem as it"s estimated that more than 50% of the Continental U.S. has experienced drought conditions since 2000.

Some areas of the country, once facing NO issues with amount of supply have hit dangerously low levels (Colorado and Georgia as examples

Water supplies could decline by a third by 2071, as the population mushrooms to 404 million by 2050, compared with 334 million today

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Customer Spotlight

Case Study

CGS has been a great strategic partner to Neema Hospitality for many years. When Rick West calls I answer the phone because I know that he has vetted programs by the local utilities and will educate me on many FREE programs that can benefit our hotels and the environment by saving energy. We have done many projects with Rick including LED Lighting, PTAC cleaning and occupancy based thermostats. Whenever another vendor approaches me with similar projects I go to Rick and his team to ask if they can do the projects instead. ON top of that Rick is an outstanding individual! I strongly recommend Rick West and the CGS Team.

- Sandeep Thakrar

President - Neema Hospitality