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Maximize Comfort, Minimize Costs!

HVAC makes up 40% of the energy utilized in a commercial building. Commercial green solutions recognizes that any efficiency gained in this area can significantly impact the profitability of a facility.

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Efficiently adding value

We specialize in finding ways to ensure your HVAC systems are operating efficiently

Commercial Solutions specializes and excels in finding huge rebates to help properties become more efficient and profitable with their HVAC. These programs range from full unit replacement at little to no cost to maintenance of all the HVAC equipment within a facility. CGS has performed these HVAC services and well over a thousand properties within just the last few years. Improving efficiency extends the life cycle of HVAC assets and reduces both operational and energy expenses. This area of pain for property owners can easily be fixed by utilizing utility company dollars to address very real needs. There's no reason that you can't make your HVAC more sustainable while also adding profit to your bottom line. Please reach out so that we can help you. Our programs include: simple HVAC cleanings, ASHRAE LEVEL audits and full unit replacement. These programs are designed to create ROI in less than 12 months.

Our Hvac Experts:

Aaron Brochetti is a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional currently serving as the Director of HVAC and Mechanical Sustainability at Commercial Green Solutions
"Sometimes, there's a man, well, he's the man for his time and place. He fits right in there. And that's the Dude." - The Big Lebowski... This also describes Rick's role with Commercial Green Solutions. Rick serves as CGS Partner, VP of Sales - and "The Dude"

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HVAC & PTAC Efficiency

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20%-30% ROI

Investing in PTAC HVAC systems promises significant returns and , with property owners often experiencing a 20-30% return on investment. The enhanced efficiency not only reduces operational costs but also contributes to increased property value and tenant satisfaction.

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Rapid Service

Our PTAC HVAC services are designed for swift and efficient implementation, ensuring minimal disruption and to your daily operations. With a team of skilled technicians, we guarantee rapid service delivery, prioritizing your comfort and convenience.

CGS has found and implemented cost savings in various asset's utility bills through audits. They have executed several no-cost to us programs like PTAC cleaning and tune-ups, thermostat and PTAC replacements, and LED light bulbs for both interior and exteriors. Their communication is open, honest, and reliable.

- John Baaske, Director of Procurement and Contracts

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