CGS was formed with the goal of alleviating the rampant issue of GreenWashing.

GreenWashing is the attempt by individuals or companies to promote themselves or their products as Eco-Friendly solutions without proof of efficacy of said profits for financial gain.

Simply said – It is taking advantage of the Green Movement around the world for selfish gain without conscience.

CGS decided the time for vendor neutrality was dead.  Unfortunately, this well intentioned concept of “vendor neutrality” had led to abuse of the system (including the misappropriation of rebate monies) and the well meaning guardians of the Green Movement.  All versions of a technology were considered equal – you know, just like the YUGO and the Cadillac are equals.

The only way to move the cause forward was to pull together PROVEN technologies that GUARANTEED their results (both quality-wise and financially) — And after years of searching and due diligence, CGS has pulled together a team of experts and trusted suppliers representing the most impact filled Green Solutions that science has provided.

No solution EVER offered by CGS will be offered without guarantee of efficacy. Commercial Green Solutions began to serve the industry to help alleviate GreenWashing – not to participate in it.

We invite you to allow us to help you find those solutions that will help you financially — while also help saving our world.  The two are complementary — not juxtaposed IF the PROPER versions of those solutions are employed.

Please work with us in being part of the solution. — The Big Picture Solution.

CGS assessed our hotel and quickly discerned two of their suggested technologies that fit our needs. Since then, we have incorporated two more. CGS has not acted as a sales agent to us — they have acted as a trusted partner. I would recommend them to anyone looking to find places to improve their sustainability efforts and bottom line.

— Shawn W., Madison, WI